Get the Best Home Remodeling in Colorado Springs to Finish Your Basement

February 14, 2023

If you have an unfinished basement, then you’re sitting on a treasure waiting to be explored! And, we want you to make the most of your basement. So, if your basement is a cold, dingy room, then you have a great opportunity to get expert home remodeling in Colorado Springs. It’s easy to schedule an appointment with ABConstruction! We will provide the perfect ideas for your family to create a  plan for the most usable fun, creative ideas to finish your basement!

Have a Vision for Your Unfinished Basement

We know you want a beautifully finished basement. Here are some examples of possible uses for this wonderful but underutilized space in your home:

  • Family room with a TV, sofas and games
  • Private and quiet basement home office and/or personal library
  • Basement playroom with children’s play toys and games
  • Home gym with fitness equipment, weights, and exercise mats
  • An attractive and sophisticated wine cellar
  • An entertaining home theater
  • Guest room or mother-in-law suite
  • A room for the up and coming teenager
  • Perhaps combining some of these ideas?

Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

Your contractor will first install basement finishing and remodeling products to form a barrier between the cold, damp basement surfaces and your finished basement living space.  Your walls should consist of solid, free-standing cement boards and hard foam insulation. This will allow you to attach shelves, cabinets, pictures or a plasma TV anywhere on them without needing to find a stud.  

However, please note that soft finished insulated basement paneling will not be able to support this.  Soft board insulated basement walls will make an inferior partition if you’d like to build a basement bedroom and/or a basement bathroom.

Basement windows and egress windows should have a double-paned, low-E glass. These windows will also need a vinyl frame for optional home insulation and soundproofing.  

A drop ceiling is another great way to soundproof and absorb noise between your finished basement and the floors above.  Finished basement floors should be laid down so they block water from the basement floor. Such floors should not be vulnerable to rot or support mold growth and they are not as cold as the concrete basement’s foundation floor.  All finished basement surfaces should be resilient to water damage and have a class-A fire retardant rating.

ABConstruction provides basement finishes that utilize the best mold-water-resistant, and fire retardant products on the market.  We use products that come with a satisfaction guarantee and are made to last for many years.  So be sure to contact us for a basement finishing estimate today!

Benefits of a Finished Basement

As housing costs rise, it’s important that you maximize the living space of your home. The basement is often one of the overlooked areas in the home that gives great ROI when completed.  

Finishing your basement is a home improvement investment that increases the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars!  As time passes and the housing market improves, your home will likely appreciate in value, especially in Colorado Springs.  So hiring a basement finishing contractor will pay for itself by as much as 75% and give you a fantastic new living space.  

Plus, if your basement finishing includes insulated basement walls and floors, you’ll have an energy-efficient home that’s easier to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.  So, completing your basement can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on utilities over the long haul!  Hiring a professional contractor remodel the basement will also make your home easier to sell when the time comes.

Your entire family will love your new finished living space!  As with any home improvement, only the best home renovation contractor will do the job that provides the stunning result you expect.

Get a Reliable Estimate for Your Home Remodeling in Colorado Springs

An unfinished basement is a waste of valuable space in your home. A good basement finishing project manned by a reliable remodeling contractor can improve your home quickly and painlessly.  A basement remodeling team is efficient, respectful, and completes the job with integrity! A quality basement finishing system should be installed without excess dust, debris, drywall mess, or excessive noise.  

An average quality basement finishing contractor should take a few days to a few weeks (depending on the size) to complete the home improvements proposed on your basement finishing estimate.  Most quality basement remodeling products are also ready to use immediately after installation.

ABConstruction provides outstanding basement finishes and expert home remodeling in Colorado Springs. Contact us today to get an estimate and begin working on your brand new bonus room(s)!